Godzilla on the Tokyo’s Ground!

godzilla 1

Tokyo always has its own way to attract people to come by and enjoy the crowd. Instead of its high humidity and intense sunlight, such events have been always beat the Tokyo’s summer. This year, Roppongi Midtown, as usual, beat the Tokyo’s summer by summoning the Giant creature on the ground. A half body Godzilla, including its half tails was set on the Midtown Park thus can be seen freely by anyone. “Anyone” means really anyone, from babies to elder peoples, Japanese or non-Japanese, either Tokyo resident or other prefecture’s resident came by to capture the monster. Me, myself was on my way guiding my Kyushu resident’s friend roaming around Tokyo when we finally decided to capture the Godzilla on day and evening.

Godzilla is attacking the town

It was on around 7 PM when the short light-attraction began. To entertain Godzilla fans, light and dry ice were set on to appear on particular pattern in order to create a “Godzilla atmosphere” as seen on the movie.  The building near the park definitely gave a perfect view of Godzilla attacking the town, again, just like we saw in the movie. 


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