Shibuya Reunion

I love Monday!

It was a clear day on Monday, 3 weeks ago in Shibuya where 3 Indonesian ladies (well, I prefer ladies instead of girls) spend a warm afternoon winter. We decided to met up in front of Hachiko statue since Shibuya might have changed rapidly but the Hachiko will always stand still as he is.

My Friends and I with the legendary Hachiko

After deciding where we gonna spend hours, we walked to the direction of Harajuku station (Shibuya is actually a part of Harajuku district, Harajuku-ku) and stop by in NHK Studio. One of the building, called NHK Studio Park provides a small amusement building in order to entertain its viewers. We could enjoy many educative and entertaining spots inside, from basic science quizzes for kids, prototype of current Taiga (Colossal) Drama, Dubbing Challenge, Variety Show  Broadcasting Experience,  Newscaster Challenge for kids, free 3D video watching, and many other fun activities for people all age. Do not forget to greet the icon, Doumo-kun who will greet you back by saying thank you in a creepy-cutie voice, Doumo~~~~

If you are lucky you can meet the talents of certain show or drama (!). What a bonus ^^

NHK Studio Park
Display set of kimono from newest NHK’s Taiga Drama
Our picture taken at one of the Experiencing Variety Show Broadcasting Spot. Cheers! 😀
Pose for Ama-chan Drama
Greet Doumo-kun. Doumo~~~~~

After greeting Doumo-kun, we walked back to Shibuya station and found that the legendary crossing is always crowded even at 4 pm on Monday afternoon.

An hour before dawn on Shibuya’s famous crossing

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